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Home F.A.Q.


Please read the FAQ and terms & conditions carefully before making a purchasing or downloading any content on this website.

How do I buy a beat?

You can browse all beats/ instrumentals on our website via Genre, Mood or Producer.
To make your purchase, just click the “Buy” button and select the license of your choice, you will be automatically redirected to paypal to finish your transaction.
All files will be sent to the email adress you made your purchase with, instantly, so you can start working on your song straight away!

What do I get when I purchase a beat?

Each purchase includes a contract/invoice-receipt stating your rights of ownership/taxes, etc. and the files in .wav-format. A normal lease includes the mixed stereo wav file of the beat. Premium Leases, Extended Premium Leases and Exclusive Rights also include the seperate multitracks of the beat(s). You will receive these files as electronic download-links, sent to your email-address (provided by paypal). We do not send out any parcels or physical-data-discs.

Do I need to register with World Star Beats Beats to make an order?

No. All you need to purchase items on our page is a paypal account or a valid credit card.

Which License Should I Choose?

Here is a overview of the different license types:

• sell 2500 units / beat as mixed stereo wav file / non-profit videos and performances / beat can still be sold

• sell 5000 units / beat fully tracked out / beat as mixed stereo wav file / profit videos and performances with up to $1000 in earnings / beat can still be sold

• sell 10000 units / beat fully tracked out / beat as mixed stereo wav file / profit videos and performances with up to $1000 in earnings / beat can still be sold

• sell UNLIMITED units / beat fully tracked out / beat as mixed stereo wav file / UNLIMITED USE / videos and performances / radio- and tv airplay / beat can no longer be sold

For detailed information on license restrictions please see the “terms” section on the individual producers page.

Can I do a song with your beats before I buy?

Yes. As long as you stay within our “Free Download” guidelines (see next point),
you can download tagged demo versions of our beats, just click the “demo DL” link below each song.

What can I do with Free Downloads?

Free Downloads are meant for strictly personal/private/non-profit/non-commercial use. Album, mixtape-, tv-, and radio-airplay, live performances and/or any other public use is strictly prohibited!!! Sound Tags may not be removed/ cutted. Vocal Tags are audible watermarks and will be removed once you purchase a license.
If you want use one of my beats for your upcoming project/ album/ mixtape/ release, please purchase a lease. Credit has to be given to the original producer in any case! Anyone found to be abusing these privileges will most likely face a law suit for copyright infringement.

Will the tags be removed from the beat when i purchase?

Yes. All audio tags will be removed. This applies to all licenses.

Can I update my license once purchased?

Generally yes! To do so, please contact the producer via the “email” at his producers page. He will provide you with all necessary infos

Do you provide refunds?

There Is A No Refund Policy on digitally delivered products . By making your purchase you have agreed to this.
In case of serious errors with the instrumental and/ or its performance please contact our support. We will get back at you asap.

If I distribute my songs for free, is there a limit?

Technically, the licensing agreement considers a distributed copy (whether paid or not) as royalty bearing, which would count toward your licensing limit. If you were to give away more than 2500 copies of your mastered track, you could be liable to pay royalties for the copies in excess of 2500 that you distributed even though you have not earned profit on them.

Can I still use the beat if I have purchased a lease and someone buys exclusive rights to the beat?

Yes! As long as you stay within the terms your  previously purchased rights won’t be affected.

How can I stay updated with all your latest releases, updates and offers?

There are many ways you can keep connected and updated with World Star Beats!
You can either join our newsletter if you’re looking for all infos on our latest updates on Beats, Competitions, Videos, Sales and our WorldStar Community Forum,
or you can join our Facebook and twitter pages, to get the latest news on specials on many more things.

Can I send you the songs I did to your beats?

Our e-mail system is reserved for customer service and sales inquiries only. If you would like to showcase your music, we encourage you to participate in our World Star Beats Forum

How do I give proper credit to the Producer?

In all projects whether if you are using your song for non profit purpose or selling it,
please be sure to give credit in one of the following formats, either in the song description or CD booklet:

“Produced by (Producer’s Full Name)”
“Beat by (Producer’s Full Name)”
“Original Music by (Producer’s Full Name)”

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact our customer service anytime at support@worldstarbeats.com.
One of our representatives will get back at you within 24 business hours.